Abdul VERSUS the Chihuahua

July 15, 2011

Abdul VERSUS the Chihuahua

Many people will probably argue that Paula Abdul’s career took a nosedive a long time ago and never recovered, not even after she became a judge on American Idol. And some people might say it happened because she became a judge on American Idol. We say it happened because she thought Opposites Attract was a good and marketable idea.

But really, we can tell you that her life definitely went to the dogs - and not even all the dogs, just a tiny Chihuahua named Tulip - when she tripped, fell and broke her nose on Saturday while trying to avoid tripping and falling over Tulip.

We find that drinking a bit too much also makes us fall and trip exactly when we are trying our best not to fall and trip. Clumsy us. And no, we’re not implying that Paula was plied with alcohol during the incident, because we’d never waste our time assuming that which we believe to be factual and true.

But whatever caused Paula’s spill, we think it was totally unnecessary for her to fall and then blame it on her tiny little dog. She should’ve just come right out and admitted that she really wanted to get a nose job.