Choosing a Chihuahua Name

July 17, 2011

If you’ve already decided that you should buy a Chihuahua puppy, what’s the next thing to think about? It’s your future Chihuahua’s name. You should choose it carefully – because choosing dog name may not be a science, but it sure is an art! There are so many things to consider. You can take months pondering names for your new pup (and isn't that such fun!), or you can have a flash of genius and choose the perfect name in an instant. And when you've chosen a name, what does this tell us about you? There's more to choosing a dog name than meets the eye!

The colour and texture of your dog is going to have a bearing on the names you consider. "Honey" suggests a honey-coloured bitch and Jet would seem to be a black dog - although he may just be a very fast agility dog!

You're going to need a name that's easy to use. This may seem obvious, but in an emergency, or over a long distance, it's easier to call "Tip" than "Twinkletoes".

Of course you have to go for dog names that the whole family can manage. "Wover" doesn't sound so good, nor does "Thuthie". Nobody minds if "Wover" and "Thuthie" come from the mouth of a three-year-old, but Dad might get browned off at the sniggers if it's him who can't manage to say the dog's name.

Next time we’ll discuss male Chihuahua names.

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