Breeding Chihuahuas - part 3

June 18, 2011

Chihuahua Clothes

Part 1 and Part 2

Chihuahuas suffer from other medical complications such as a ruptured uterus, or infection of the uterus (acute metritis). The bacteria in the uterus from the infection can cause the death of both the mother and her pups if not treated in time. If you notice pus mixed with a blood discharge before or after delivery it may very well be acute metritis and you will need to get your pet to a veterinarian immediately. Other warning signs of acute metritis include excessive urination, vomiting, or the motherĂ¢€™s refusal to nurse or eat.

Your Chihuahua mother may suffer from hypoglycemia... where her blood sugar drops so low that she can go into shock, seizures and possible death. Her pups may suffer from hypoglycemia as well.

Shortly after whelping (giving birth) the brood bitch may suffer from Eclampsia also known as hypocalcemia, or canine milk fever. The common signs of this disease include: in coordination, panting, twitching of the eye, and severe muscles spasms. When this happens it is imperative that your dog been seen by the veterinarian.

If you are not sure of the health and history of both the stud and female Chihuahua (brood bitch), it is highly recommended that you leave the breeding up to a professional breeder, or purchase your Chihuahua from reputable seller, local rescue group or animal shelter.


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