Breeding Chihuahuas

May 15, 2011

Chihuahua Clothes

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Before getting a Chihuahua you should consider exploring some essential questions and information about breeding Chihuahuas in order to prevent possible mistakes.
Breeding Chihuahuas is not an undertaking for the inexperienced. These tiny dogs have a lot of difficulty with delivery (whelping). They are very fragile animals with easily breakable bones and many things can go wrong. As a word of caution, you should consult your veterinarian before taking on this endeavor. Your pet should receive a complete bill of health before undergoing the process. You should be able to communicate with your veterinarian at any time when you have any questions about your Chihuahua's health or her ability to bring her litter to term.
luxations, leg perthes and more.


There is much more involved in breeding than simply choosing two purebred Chihuahuas to mate. A complete history of genotype and phenotype of the animals is required to avoid genetic complications such as heart problems, liver shunts, patellar

When to Breed

Do not mate your female before she weighs at least four pounds. You will also want to make sure that she is at least one year old before you start. A Chihuahua should never be bred during the first, second and possibly the third heat because of their delicate constitutions.


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