Dressing Your Puppy In Chihuahua Clothes

October 2, 2013

   Have you ever seen those adorable little dogs all dressed up in matching outfits? When you saw them, didn't you laugh, smile, or make a comment on how adorable they were? Did you ever wonder how you could do the same with your dog? Turn your cute dog into an adorable, dressed-up, pampered poochala! Also, find out how to get your dog to stay in a stroller or basket!

   Why some dogs in the stroller stay so calm and don't mind being dressed up? The answer is that usually they've gotten used to it, because they do it often enough that they know to behave. Or the owner tells them that they know that they will get more attention if they are well-behaved that if they aren't. How did they get that way? Some start dressing up their dogs, while it is young.

How to dress up your Chihuahua

Chihuahua Clothes Puppy   The first rule of thumb is practice, praise, and patience (The Three P’s). Another thing is frequency and duration.

   • In order for your dog to become comfortable with wearing outfits, practice frequently. However, you’ll want to start out having the outfit on your dog for only a few minutes, gradually increasing the time as your dog becomes more comfortable.
   • While your dog has the outfit on, praise and reward him, making it a fun and enjoyable time for the dog. Play with your dog while the clothes are on. Cuddle with him in your lap, walk him around, and encourage him to be himself. Most of all, make it FUN for the dog & you!
   • You’ll also need patience, because some dogs won’t initially like having clothes on him. He might shake, roll, or try to paw or bite it off. If your dog doesn’t like wearing clothes, try giving him a toy, something he enjoys, or play with him to distract him from the initial discomfort of clothing. However, don’t force your dog if he resists, because some dogs simply don’t like wearing clothing. Other dogs love wearing outfits so much that they will pose for pictures, prance when wearing their outfit, and show off their outfits to anyone they see. Remember, personalities and opinions differ with each dog.

   Along with just dressing your dog up for fun, you can dress him up to go to the park, a pet parade, or parties. Also, put on a trick show with your dog wearing a cute hat. Visit friends, shut-ins, or older folks at nursing homes for pet therapy. Or simply enjoy a few laughs, smiles, and an adorable dog. At first when you put a hat on your dog, he might lower his head or try to shake it off. Again, praise and encourage the dog, and only have the hat on for a few seconds to a minute at first.



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