Designer Chihuahua Clothes

September 25, 2013

Our pet friends also need good clothing. Chihuahua Clothes blog will give you full overview by publishing different articles on this topic, giving advice and providing links for buying clothing items without leaving your room.

   Chihuahua Fashion

For anyone lucky enough to own a Chihuahua or other small breed the world of designer dog clothes is a portal to a fashion wonderland. Pet clothing has never been more fashionable and more en vogue than it is right now. The Chihuahua owner and owners of other small breeds have the comfort of knowing that their little pals will not only be able to be kept warm and dry but they will look fabulous. Because of their tiny dimensions, toy breeds look simply gorgeous wearing funky t-shirts or that designer dog coat. Is there anything cuter or more adorable than a Chihuahua’s little face peering out from under a little warm woollen hat? That is why Chihuahua Clothes blog can be interesting for you.

Chihuahua Clothes   Dressing your Chihuahua - fun and functional.

Because Chihuahuas originated in the warm climes of Mexico they have evolved to cope with very hot conditions. The ears, for example, are disproportionately large in order to dissipate heat. In cold conditions Chihuahuas lose a huge amount of body heat through their ears if not protected will soon feel the cold and begin shivering. This is where items such as hoodies, hats and scarves come in to play. Other Toy Breeds need protection from the cold simply because of their smaller body mass and really appreciate a warm dog coat or jumper.

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