Chihuahua Puppy Dies in a Fire in San Diego

April 20, 2012

Sad news from San Diego. One puppy died in a fire in San Diego, but 4 others and their mom were saved from a burning house. Chihuahua The fire started on Tuesday night, in the Logan Heights neighborhood. A man called Peter Colon left a boiling pot and went out, when he returned later he found his stove on fire. He managed to extinguish a visible fire, but it remained burning in the attic. "When something like that happens you can't really think," Colon said. "You can't even remember what you thought." Firefighters were called, they found four Chihuahua puppies and their mother scattered in different rooms. The firefighters brought the puppies out in a kitchen dish. The puppies were really small, just a few days old and didn't even open their eyes yet. "One of the puppies didn't live, the white one, Snowflake," Colon said. "I'm so grateful that nothing happened to the rest of the dogs." The body of the fifth puppy was found later by firefighters. His name was Snowflake because he was albino. "He didn't make it, but the rest of them did, am I'm so grateful for that," Colon said. "If it wasn't for the fire department, I wouldn't have no puppies, no house." A truly sad story. Thank God, a miracle that the other puppies were not hurt. And rest in Peace, Snowflake.