Safety Steps

July 26, 2012

Hi guys!

How are you? It's such a wonderful time of holidays, I love it so much. How did you celebrated the Christmas time and New Year's Eve? It's the most beautiful time of the year, I love it so much!

Christmas Chihuahua

But while celebrating the holidays, it's important to remember about our pets too. If we love this period because of its magic, it might be quite scary for animals. If you want to keep the furry members of your family happy and healthy this season, please follow the number of steps: Season's eatings shouldn't include holiday greenery such as holly, mistletoe, lilies and amaryllis. While commonly used to deck the halls, they can make your pet sick if ingested. Look before you light. Lit candles produce fumes that can be harmful to birds if inhaled. And don't forget, your pet's wagging tail can easily knock over a burning candle. Liquid potpourri is also dangerous to pets, who could ingest it from decorative bowls and simmering pots.

Oh, Christmas tree! Their branches definitely delight pets, who've been known to chew on them--and whatever decorations may be hanging from them. Place small, breakable ornaments high up, and keep tinsel and garland out of your pet's reach, as these can get caught in his throat. And make sure that pine needles, which can be toxic, don't get eaten.

Keep batteries--loose and in packages--away from pets. They contain corrosives that can cause ulceration in your animal companion's mouth, tongue and gastrointestinal tract if bitten or swallowed.

Shy animals can get stressed with the hustle and bustle of holiday guests, so make sure there's a quiet room to which your pets can retreat. Don't allow your pet access to holiday spreads, especially if you've got a chow hound. Alcoholic beverages, chocolate, coffee, onions, fatty foods, yeast dough and macadamia nuts can all cause problems.

And don't forget to watch after your dogs when fireworks start. Many dogs are really afraid of such noise and might run away. Remember these steps and the holidays time will be peaceful for you and your pets!