If Your Chihuahua is Shaking

February 11, 2012

Chihuahua Clothes We all know that a Chihuahua is a smallpretty animal who likes to be happy. Do you want to help him to be such?
It is a know fact that Chihuahuas can tend to shake. Most obvious reason is when a Chihuahua feels nervous or cold. First of all, just try to understand what is the reason of your Chihuahua shaking. If your Chihuahua does it often, than it's not that easy, but if he doesn't, then it should be quite easy for you to figure it out. For instance, if you have a guest in your house, someone new your Chihuahua sees for the first time, then it's easy to understand that he is shaking because he is nervous of the new guest who is a stranger for him. How to solve this tricky problem? Just try to introduce them, that can help! Another reason why your Chihuahua might be shaking is because he feels cold. Then you have many ways to solve this problem with clothes, blankets and other stuff you have in order to warm your dog.
Some people don't like Chihuahua clothes and think that it's ridiculous to dress your Chihuahua up, but sometimes, especially during harsh winter time - it's a necessity.