Male Chihuahua Names

May 9, 2011

Cute Chihuahua

Here Are Some Suggestions For Male Chihuahua Names:

Bentley: A strong name, which is also the name of a top line car. This dog is proud, confident and loyal to his owners.

Brownie: A great moniker for a sweet, lovable male dog that absolutely adores being near his owners.

Cash: Money represents power, and these small dogs have a lot of power and pride. Use this name for a dog that has a little attitude and a lot of confidence.

Dallas: A great city in the Southwest that is particularly known for having a large population of Chihuahuas. Whether you just like the name, you like the football team, or you live in this city, it is a great choice for your pet.

Gandhi: Fashioned after a relatively small man in stature who accomplished great things, any small dog would be honored to wear this name.

Lucky: Whether you feel lucky to have found this dog, or this little guy is lucky to have found such a nice home, this name can be a perfect fit for a dog that luckily got a new chance in your life.

Major: A name that demands respect, this is a great choice for a dog that has a lot of bark, or runs the household.

Pablo: For the dog that originates from Mexico, a Spanish name seems fitting. In Spanish, this name means “small” or “humble,” so would fit a Chihuahua perfectly.

Peanut: Good things come in small packages, much like the yummy food, so why not name your pet with this thought in mind?!

Romeo: Chihuahuas have a sweet, lovable side, so pay tribute to this adoring personality trait, by naming your male pet after the romantic character.

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