Two-Legged Chihuahua Is Saved

June 29, 2011

   Awesome Sandra Bullock became more awesome for Chihuahua lovers – she Chihuahua named Ruby, an adorable two-legged Chihuahua she rescued from a shelter in Long Beach several years ago. After the adoption Sandra said, “we now have a dog with just two legs, she walks on her hind legs. She was born with like a little flipper here and a little flipper here, she’s like a little dinosaur, a velociraptor.”
   “She’s got the best posture. she goes up the stairs only we haven’t taught her how to go down yet – that’s sort of like face plant central, and you don’t wanna laugh. She just gets so excited; she takes off,” she added.

Chihuahua Clothes Celebrity   Bullock also said that cute little ruby has most certainly brightened up her life and that, “any dog that is missing something is welcome in our house.”

   Speaking to reporters recently backstage after the golden globe awards, bullock also said that her dogs go everywhere they go, after all, who’s going to walk a two-legged dog?

   Sandra and husband also adopted a three-legged Chihuahua-pomeranian named Poppy from the same shelter that Ruby was rescued from.

Sandra, we love you!