Getting Your Chihuahua To Stay In A Stroller

June 4, 2011

   Like everything else, the basics are those three P's. When your Chihuahua is first put in the stroller, it can become a little nervous and maybe it’ll want to jump out when it is moved. But, through lots of practice, praise, and patience, it will love riding in style! But, it's not always that easy.

   • You could start out be getting your dog used to a box or dog bed the size of the stroller. With the box or bed starting on the floor, gradually raise it off the floor by putting flat objects (books, bricks, etc) underneath. You might want to do this in several sessions with play time in between.

   • If you don't have a bed or box the size of the stroller, just put your dog's favorite bed or blanket with some toys and/or treats in the stroller.

   • If the stroller folds down, have your dog get into it while it is still folded up. That way it is close to the ground and will make your dog feel more comfortable in it. Praise, praise, praise, then treats and toys before more lovin'. But, don't wait until your Chihuahua is done to praise and make it fun. You want being in the stroller to be fun, not getting out of it. Remember, keep the sessions short, so it won't wear out or stress your dog.

Chihuahua Clothes Stroller   • If folding the stroller down isn't possible, you can just put your dog in the stroller just as it is. The main thing is, don't move the stroller in the beginning. That can really scare the dog and make it not want to try again. Remember, this is a fun activity for you and your dog!

   • Once your dog is comfortable in the stroller, you can slowly start to move it. Move it a little, praise, then praise as you move it some more. If your dog jumps out, start back with him just sitting in it. You may find that to have a second person petting, giving treats and lovin' to your dog as you push the stroller slowly may help. It will get the dog's mind off of the moving aspect. Also, depending on what you've already done (training), it might be an indication (if he jumps out) that your dog has had enough for one day or session.

   Remember that practice makes perfect, so your dog won't become your dream dog overnight. It will take lots of practice, praise and patience. But if you are determined and keep at it, you might just end up with your dream dog after all! Keep up the good work and don't give up! That's one way to let your dog known that You are boss, not him.