6 Mistakes Chihuahua Owners Make - Part 2

October 31, 2013

Continues from Part 1

* Too Much Attention - As crazy as this may sound, by giving your Chihuahua too much attention and "babying", they can develop unhealthy attachment issues. A few things you can do to avoid this is to let your Chihuahua sleep in their own bed at night (not yours), and don't hold them all the time. You need to let them know that it is OK to be without you.

Chihuahua Clothes Owners Mistakes* Punishment - Many people are misinformed about punishing their Chihuahuas. You should never hit, spank, slap, or even yell at your Chihuahua. The correct form of punishment should be speaking a negative command, such as "No", or "Bad", firmly at them.

* Housebreaking - A lot of people think Chihuahuas are hard to housebreak. Well, some can be difficult, but if you are patient, consistent, and keep a close eye on them, you shouldn't have a problem. Using a crate will also help to keep your Chihuahua confined when you can't watch them.