Cool Chihuahua Clothes For Your Pet Before Halloween!

July 27, 2011

   Halloween is coming! I am sure, our lovely pets want to have fun as well. Why not buying some witch Chihuahua clothes to celebrate? Your friends will be amazed for sure!

   Dog Clothes Designs

   Fortunately online doggy fashion boutiques have sprung up to address the issue of fashion and functionality. There is now every reason to your little dog warm and stylish. The array of designer dog clothes available is mind-blowing. Everything is available from urban hip hoodies through designer t-shirts to knitted sweaters. From the cutest hats and scarves to faux fur-lined fleece lined parkas for those chilly winter days. How about a bright raincoat for those grey days, yep, you can get those too. For the really special occasion there are diamante encrusted dresses or for the ultimate day out there are wedding dresses complete with tiaras for the girls and tuxedo themed outfits for the little guys. For the night time rather than an old blanket that’s continually slipping off why not treat your dog to some toasty pyjamas?

Halloween Chihuahua Clothes   Choosing The Right Fit

   As with human clothing Size labels will vary from one company to the next. If your dog is "in-between" sizes always go for the larger size. It is far better for dog clothing to be slightly too large rather than slightly too small. To accurately size your dog take the following measurements:
1) Circumference of the neck
2) Circumference of the chest
3) Length of the back from middle of neck to base of the tail. The garment should not hamper the dog’s movement.. Remember wearing designer dog clothes should be fun for both you and your dog.

   So stay frosty. Everyone knows that clothing is essential. Nowadays it is important to know how to dress so that you look fashionable and stylish, while remaining comfortable. Here and now the world of designer dog clothes is gaining momentum.
   At the end of the day, our pets should feel comfortable too. Imagine the bad weather: rain, damp, cold... Are you shriveling? But your cute little friend, too, has hard times! Your Chihuahua will thank you for new clothes, for sure.