Female Chihuahua Names

August 8, 2011

Black Chihuahua

In starting your search for a unique girl dog name, scroll down this page and click on each individual letter for our lists. Remember, finding the perfect match can be made a lot easier when you match a possible name to…

♥Your girls personality
♥Her size
♥Her breed
♥Her appearance
♥Her unique habits

Female Chihuahua Names To Consider:

Angel: This name is just perfect for a sweet, dainty little companion that has an angelic face and a loyal personality.

Bella: Meaning “beautiful,” it is hard to resist this name for a sweet female Chihuahua that has captured your heart.

Chili: A name that is perfect for a pooch with a little bit of sass in her personality. Particularly well suited for a dog that thinks she is the big dog on the block!

Daphne: There is no fooling this very smart dog who always seems aware of her surroundings and will likely be the head of the household in no time at all.

Honey: This female dog is loyal, and as sweet as can be. She absolutely adores being taken places with her owner and can’t stand not being right beside her favorite humans.

Jazzy: This little ball of energy will fill your life with joy. She will keep you on your toes, always wanting a walk, a romp, or just some snuggle time on the couch with her loving owner!

Karma: If you are a believer in Karma, this is a great name for your sweet female companion, especially if you feel like you did something wonderful in your life in order to deserve having her as your pet.

Paris: Choose this name to pay tribute to how exotic and beautiful your Chihuahua girl is, or because Paris is one of your favorite places to visit.

Roxy: This girl dog is the perfect combination of sweet and sassy, and will quickly steal her owner’s heart with her hilarious actions and desire to snuggle.

Topaz: This gem has a very unique color that makes it that much more attractive to people. This name is well suited for a Chihuahua pooch because they are unique looking dogs, but in combination with their personalities, this unique look becomes more attractive.



Sammy said...

My chihuahua's name is Gracie. We think it suits her very well.

Chihuahua Fan said...

This is a really nice name for a Chihuahua girl :)

Yvonne said...

My baby girl is named Sophie and its perfect for her also