Hand-Made Chihuahua Clothes

May 22, 2011

   Let us introduce you a great gift idea for your little four-footed friend. It's Christmas time coming soon, so it's a reason to make a present with yours own hands. It's not easy to always buy Chihuahua clothes, but it is easy enough to make it yourself.


   Sizes 5 and 7 knitting needles.
   Worsted wool, about 4 ounces.

      LET'S GO:

   Measure your pet's neck. I usually use a size 5 or 6 needle for a tightly knit ribbing (not too tight!). Wylie's neck is 10", and I cast on, loosely, 40 or 42 stitches.

   Knit 1x1, or 2x2 ribbing for 3" for a mock neck, or 6" or 7" for a turtleneck.

   Change to a size 7 needle, and commence in the stitch of your choice. After you've knit one or two of these, you can see how easy it is to add cables, colourwork, or other texture stitches in this back area. For the first one, let's knit in my favourite basic stitch, garter. That is, knit every row! Can't beat it for simplicity, stability, and rustic good looks.

   Measure the animal's back length, that is, from the back of his neck, just above the shoulder, to the top of his tail. That's how long you will knit straight, in garter stitch. That's right!, No shaping yet! When you have reached 2" short of the correct length, switch to size 5 needles, and knit 2" of the same rib you used for the neck. In garter stitch, this isn't really necessary, but looks good, and if you use another stitch, it keeps the edge from curling. If you used another stitch, you should also have knit the first 4 stitches of every row, to keep the side edges from curling. Bind off.

   Now, we will knit the chest piece. Using the size 5 needles, cast on 3 stitches. You will increase 2 stitches every other row, until you reach the width comparable to the distance between your pets’ front legs. You should increase 1 stitch 2 stitches from each edge. The magic thing about this is that is usually exactly the length you need to cover that tiny chest. It's really amazing! Now: for a male, knit straight until you get to 1" shorter that where the ribcage stops, and add 1" of ribbing, bind off. For a female, you can knit as long as the body of the sweater, to cover her bald little stomach. (ending with 2" of ribbing, just like the back.) Bind off. The reason I usually knit this piece on the smaller needles, is, it has a tendency to get wet in the snow, and stretch. A slightly smaller gauge helps. If you’re not using garter stitch, knit the first 4 stitches of every row.


   (8) Seam the neck ribbing, remembering to seam halfway, and switch to the inside, if you've made a turtleneck. Now, place the point of the chest piece at the bottom of the neck rib seam, and sew a seam down both sides, until you get to the point where you stopped increasing. Leave a slit for the front legs there, about 2" long, and continue the princess seams down each side. Tuck in your loose ends, wash and block carefully.


   Don't forget to experiment with your favourite stitches. I highly recommend using natural fibbers like wool, alpaca or cashmere.




Anonymous said...

I assume you are casting on four stitches for each of the neck, but what is the gage. Also, the picture shows long sleeves which is the cutest thing about sweater but the instructions don,t address them.

Chihuahua Fan said...


Thank you for your comment, but the thing is that the photo and the instructions are not connected as I don't have a corresponding image of this Chihuahua Clothes.